Below you can find a link to a registration form for Players and Guests (guests mean jammers, players and community friends who are not competing). Please register as soon as possible. It will help us organise everything smoothly. 


Trying to make our event affordable as possible there are 4 main types of participation:
1. Guest 45€ – for jammers who just want to participate in the event, but are not competing in tournament.
2. Guest+PlayerPack 70€ – for jammers who want to participate in the event, are not competing in the tournament and want to recive FPAW2024 disc, gear and some additional event extras. 
3. Player 65€ – for players who want to participate in the event and want to compete in the tournament.
4. Player+PlayerPack 90€ – for players who want to participate in the event and want to compete in the tournament and want to recive FPAW2024 disc, gear and some additional event extras. 



Your fee is big part of general tournament budget. Thanks to your support we can provide event location, sound system, judging equipment.
All registred players and guests will be provided with water and light snacks (fruits) on the event spot for all 5 days. 
Players and Guests who add PlayerPack option to their registration will recive special
FPAW2024 disc, gear and additional small gifts.


Because of tight schedule we provide catering in form of two seperate meals for each day of the event. You can order lunch and dinner meal that will be provided to the spot in carnivore (meat) or vegetarian option. This is paid seperatly and not included in your registration fee.
Besides main dining on the spot of the event we will have a small cafeteria where you can seperatly buy basic snacks and drinks like coffe, tea, cake, energy bars, beverages, juices.