All informations like trip to and from airport, public transport, jam spots, event and backup gym location, dinner and party spots, suggested accomodation area will be provided here.


Before, during 5 FPAW days and after we plan many additional attractions. We will mark all important pins on this one map, so you can easily check where we will be meeting. We will be updating it during event days if needed.



Warsaw has overall very good and fast public transport system. The most convinient is bus and tram and two metro lines. There are also local public trains as part of public transport (same tickets). You can buy tickets physical at some stations in ticket machine or in kiosk if near station or online in the bus/tram with by QR code, or app, or credit card. 

Ticket cost is 3,4zł (+/-0,8€) for 20-minute adult ticket and 4,4zł (+/-1€) for 40-minute.

If you stay in city center there is bus line nr.180 going from city center to event location directly. You can check other line numbers stoping next to event location on the FPAW24 MAP above.

You buy can ticket online, check actual time table of buses, trams, metro and exact location of public transport stations.


During summer public bikes (not expensive) and escooters are available to use and find at most of city locations. Warsaw is becoming also more bike friendly every year, there is a lot of bike paths and stations to leave public bikes. In city center this is fastest way to travel.

Next to event facility there is Veturilo (Public Bike) station. If you want to use it during your visit ask our team for guidance.


If you want to move more comfortable also Uber or other app based Taxi is a cheap option. For example average Uber cost from City Center to event location (which is quite far away) is around 10-15€ one way and can be splitted among few players. So worth to consider esecially for night owls.We recommend to use mobile apps to avoid overpaying, cash and taxi scams.

example taxi apps in Warsaw: iTaxi, Uber, Bolt, Freeway

Remember that our venue is located in southern district of Warsaw so in the morning and late hours you can expect traffic on the way to and from city center.